KIS Secondary Trommel

KIS Plant have designed and built a Secondary Trommel that has the capacity to meet a vast number of the challenges within the quarry and mining industries.

The action of the Secondary Trommel provides attrition to shake clay that has adhered to the source rock. This machine is capable of production rates in excess of 1000 tonnes per hour. The Secondary Trommel have used technology based on a well proven rotary screening technology by utilising a trommel to separate fines from rock.

Secondary Trommel Solutions

KIS have developed a solution to secondary screening at high production and maintaining efficiency. The machine runs faster and at a steeper angle than traditional trommels creating more surface area than conventional screening.

Some examples of applications for the Secondary Trommel are;

  • Primary crusher feed with clay bands – to be used in conjunction with the Primary Trommel
  • High efficiency secondary screening
  • Pre scalping of high plasticity clays prior to entering the crushing and screening circuit.
  • High efficiency secondary screening at high production rates