KIS Primary Trommel

The Primary Trommel was originally built to produce rock for the Gladstone Rockwall. This machine went “From Innovation to Operation” in just 12 weeks. The Primary Trommel produced 3.8 million tonnes in just 8 months on the Gladstone project.  The Primary Trommel went through an upgrade in 2014 which comprised of a new modular design with built in ROM structure, utilising both the weight of the machine (200 tonnes) and weight of backfill material for stability. The Primary Trommel has the capability to process up to 2,000 tonne/hour, handle up to 5 tonne rocks and sticky fines and is fully automated with PLC control. It is also capable of receiving up to 75 tonne dump trucks.

Primary Trommel Solutions

The Primary Trommel is a cost effective and efficient process for traditionally difficult to process materials such as

  • Scalping fine and plastic materials from blasted rock
  • Producing rock products eg; armour rock, rip-rap etc
  • High production scalping for process plant materials