KIS Hopper Feed Bins

KIS Bins are transportable by truck and used where dump trucks or loaders are the preferred option to transport raw feed to crushing/process plant. KIS offer various size and configurations of bins to suit the customers requirements. These bins aid plant production and contribute to a safe working environment. KIS Bins are all engineered to meet the safety requirements of the Quarry and Mining Industries.

Hopper Feed Bin Benefits

  • Easy to erect (one day) and easy to dismantle
  • 40-90 tonne dump trucks tip directly into the bin
  • 50-200 tonne of surge capacity
  • Saves excavator/loader to load crushing plant
  • Creates a safer, cleaner and easier way to manage the feed system
  • Consistent feed to crushing plant
  • Maximises plant utilisation


KIS can manufacture various bins to suit your quarry or mine.
Some of these Bins are:

  • Mobile crusher Feed Bin
  • Crusher Bin
  • Surge Bin
  • Load out Bin