KIS Plant designed and manufactured a 100 tonne Loader Bin – Model LB100 for our client in NSW. The purpose of the Loader Bin was to allow the quarry site to load Primary Crushed Rock on to a CV110 Conveyor at a required rate. The Loader Bin was designed to be loaded with a WA700 or equivalent size loader. KIS Plant Loader Bins are designed for easy transportation and assembly on site. LB100 Loader Bin has been designed based on the following criteria:

  • The material properties: minus 250mm primary crushed rock
  • Production requirements: 1000 tonnes per hour
  • Bin capacity: 100 tonnes
  • PLC controlled
  • Bin to be loaded with a WA700 size loader

Loader Bin Benefits & Features

Loader Bin has a 100 Tonne capacity and provides a consistent and controlled feed rate of 1000 Tonnes per hour.

The Loader Bin has been designed with replaceable 450 BIS wear plates, countersunk bolts in varying thicknesses dependent on application

Wide, slow moving discharge conveyor with high quality belt scraper

Conveyor belt return slide bars used in place of rollers to eliminate belt tracking issues

Easy to use PLC Set feed rate Protection for drive systems Integrate with other plant

Easy to transport and assemble